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Aotearoa Vegetable Growers Club branding design

A food for communities
initiative launched in
response to Covid-19

The beginning.

South Coast Environment Society (run out of Riverton Environment Centre) jumped into action as soon as Covid-19 first hit our shores. Knowing that New Zealand's food supply chain was dependent on our essential transport system and staff, they foresaw the strain our community would come under once food supplies came under pressure.

Being summer, a prime time to plant, the Society wanted to help our most vulnerable families by providing them with the tools and knowledge to be able to grow their own vegetables. They sent out over 1000 seed packets and helped the community become more sustainable and resilient in a time of great uncertainty.

The timeline.

Day 4

Final design packaged and delivered

Day 3

Initial concepts delivered and feedback received

Day 2

A brief was given:

  • A strong focus to be given to organic growing

  • Simple &clear branding aimed at lower socioeconomic families

  • If possible incorporate Maori elements

Day 1

Contact was made by the South Coast Environment Centre asking for a logo to be created ASAP for the Aotearoa Home Vegetable Growers initiative. Time was of the essence due to the urgency of wanting to send the seed packets out.

Initial concepts.

Aotearoa Vegetable Growers Club logo design concept 1

This concept was built around the 'fresh' produce plainly stating what the initiative is about, and a bold, clearly legible font. This logo was primarily to be used to stamp onto the vegetable packets so I felt a clear font was very important.

Aotearoa Vegetable Growers Club logo design concept 2

A more simplistic and impactful style was displayed here. I wanted an option that would really jump off the packaging, and the vegetable illustrations were simplified to help this goal.

Aotearoa Vegetable Growers Club logo design concept 3

For this concept, I was aiming for a more relatable feel with the handwritten font - it aligns more the client and their current branding. My homage to the timeless Kete was a nod to Maori culture (not being Maori myself I thought it would be inappropriate to incorporate elements of Maori design for which I didn't know the history). The Kete also represents the society's principles of living off the land.

Ta da.

Aotearoa Vegetable Growers Club Business logo
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