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El Oasis Branding Design featured on a voucher, on a orange background surrounded by eucalyptus leaves

Merging the old
with new

The story.

My client owns a hairdressing boutique that sells products for hair care as well as succulents and spiritual accessories. With a logo already created in Canva, the challenge was to take an urban logo and pair it with the client's boho aesthetic and love of succulents.

The logo had to remain the same but the client wanted to start branding with a more authentic feel - the must-haves were:

  • a personalised illustration of herself displaying her skills as a hairdresser and tanning technician

  • succulents

  • a boho vibe 

  • be able to be applied across print, digital (social media) and signage

The solution.

  • I incorporated imagery of succulents with a pink highlight to link with the existing logo

  • The custom illustration of the client actually inspired the desert background through the colour of the turban, I also needed a calming backdrop to balance the other elements

  • There is a hint to the boho aesthetic with the watermarked mandala at the top which also added texture and depth

  • The border hand-drawn foilage is a nod to the actual boutique which has a bit of a jungle vibe, it also allows the eye to be centered on the logo and illustration.

El Oasis Branding Design in poster form
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