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Spirit Army logo displayed on paper

Southland Spirit of a Nation
were in need of
a helping hand.

The beginning.

Now known as the Spirit Army, this organisation is a community working alongside struggling families offering aroha and personal support, help to access resources in the community, a whanau to belong to and a great team of volunteers - that’s our village!

Wanting to rebrand from the decades-old Southland Spirit of a Nation, the organisation was granted funding in the form of a logo redesign by a company in Invercargill. Unhappy with what they received, I was brought in to offer a different perspective.

The timeline.


Southland Spirit of a Nation logo


Spirit Army unused Logo


Spirit Army logo

Southland Spirit of a Nation began

Funding was granted to the group for re-branding, this was the final concept for which the Spirit Army didn't feel reflected their brand.

Final branding re-designed in close collaboration for the Spirit Army

The problem.

"The brand doesn't reflect us as a community"

The Spirit Army, because of its longevity, has incredibly strong values in place. Its identity shines through everything they do. The Spirit Army is a community-led solution for struggling families providing the support and a whanau of fellow families & volunteers. They are a wrap-around service not only intervening when families need it most but enabling these same families that desperately want a better way of life to achieve this.

The brand should reflect these fundamental values:

  • Community

  • Aroha

  • Support

  • Vibrance (reflecting the diversity of all members)

The Solution.

Spirit Army logo on paper
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